I'm Connie, designer

I try to do things the best way possible with the least amount of waste


  • FavSMR

    a little site for playing your favorite ASMR trigger videos

  • Bullitt

    quickly create video and audio syncs online, and get song suggestions if you need help

  • Undisclosed shop

    a luxury brands e-commerce site for online sample sales

  • Sycamore Informatics

    family of applications geared towards running and streamlining the process of clinical trials

  • Freebird

    a flight coverage service that’ll make sure you get to your travel destination on time


  • RailsBridge Boston

    free workshop that's aimed at anyone and everyone who's interested in Ruby, Rails, and tech (site redesign)

  • Ask Beatrice

    a white label widget to help your customers find the best parking spots around your business


  • H.Engage / Airbo

    engage employees in your company's HR initiatives and measure the successes with an interactive platform

Once upon a time

I’ve worked at a bootstrapped startup, a large news company, a small design boutique, a signage shop, a law firm, and as a casual freelancer.

I speak English, Cantonese, and HTML/CSS and their variants. If you speak Mandarin to me, I’ll understand it. If you speak Javascript to me, I’ll understand enough of it.

I hold a BFA in Graphic Design and Interactive Media, and a Masters in Googling and reading StackOverflow.