Constance Chan

Long-form portfolio and career highlights

For the past almost-decade, I’ve been a digital product designer and front-end developer for clients ranging from first-time entrepreneurs forging out on their own, to young and bootstrapped startups, to established companies that want to try out new methods and solutions. I enjoy working on projects that have a purpose, more so if that purpose is to provide a bit of fun and joy, and to do it in an effective, efficient, and lighthearted manner.

Past titles I’ve held include the intern, sign maker, co-op, consultant, and design director. Currently, I'm building tools at Iterable.

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Honorable mentions

As a product designer, the most important questions aren’t about how something looks or even how it should best work, but more basic—does this idea make sense as a product? Would people use it and why? Sometimes, a successful engagement together means that we realize our ideas need more thought or were possibly invalidated. Other times, we find a diamond in the rough and we’re off and running to chisel it out. Regardless of the outcome, below are some other notable projects I’ve been a part of.

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